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Global Partners in East Africa


Global Partners Summer Seminar in Nairobi,
June 12-20, 2002

East Africa in Transition: Economy, Ethnicity, and Ecology

The Global Partners Project is pleased to announce the third interdisciplinary faculty seminar at the International Learning Center at the University of Nairobi. The seminar is open to faculty from any of the member institutions of the ACM, ACS, or GLCA, as well as to faculty from The University of Nairobi and other East African Universities.

Applicants may be of any discipline, at any professional level, with any level of experience in East Africa or African Studies. Preference will be given to former Nairobi seminar participants, members of the Task Force, and newly hired faculty. The seminar itself will reflect the interests and expertise of the host faculty at the University of Nairobi and those chosen from the US to attend; the topics and sessions will be developed in consultation with our partners in Kenya. Participants will present their own work, either formally or as discussion leaders/facilitators. To view an itinerary, please click here.

Global Partners Project will fund overseas travel and lodging expenses for faculty members from ACM, ACS, and GLCA colleges. In addition, an institutional contribution of five hundred dollars and support for travel from the home campus to the point of departure will be required for each participant. By accepting funding, participants agree to attend the entire seminar.

For more information, please contact Derek Vaughan, or 734/761-4833.

Global Partners 2002 East Africa Travel Grants

Travel grants are available to ACM, ACS, and GLCA faculty with research or curricular interests in East Africa for travel in 2002. Applicants may be of any discipline, at any professional level, and with any level of experience in East Africa and African Studies. Participants from the 2000 and 2001 Nairobi seminars as well as past applicants for those conferences are strongly encouraged to apply.

Projects supported by the travel grant may be individual, but collaborative projects with a partner/partners in your college, other Global Partners consortial institutions, and especially colleagues abroad are also encouraged. Grants will pay for transportation and partial living expenses, with awards not exceeding $2400. Recipients are eligible to use funds at any time during the 2002 calendar year, but length of travel stay should be consistent with the project and should be no less than one week.

For more details, please contact Derek Vaughan at or 734/761-4833.


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