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Global Partners International Learning Centre
in East Africa


As part of the Global Partners Project, GLCA has established a center for East African and International Studies located at the University of Nairobi. Dr. Priscilla Kariuki is the Director of the International Learning Center.

Center Objectives:

Collaborate with other programs and/or institutions in Kenya and East Africa to:

Create efficiency, reduce redundancy, and control costs

Serve as a clearinghouse of information.

Facilitate contacts, accommodations, and instruction for US students/faculty in a variety of settings (tours, research, lectures, etc.)

Offer visiting US faculty phone, fax, email, and secretarial support

Serve as coordinator in crisis and/or emergency

Develop, collect, and make available orientation materials and modules

Develop interdisciplinary, thematically-based faculty seminars that maintain a connection to the Learning Center.

Create resources to support visiting US lecturers and students not on organized study abroad programs

Provide joint representation in Kenya and East Africa for the 42 institutions represented by the GLCA, ACM, and ACS, while also serving as point of introduction for Kenyan and East African institutions interested in developing partnerships with one or more of these US institutions

Provide a library of catalogues, contact information, course and curriculum information.

Facilitate contact among lecturers wishing to develop joint research and/or grant proposals.

Serve as a "visitors and speakers bureau" for lecturers and institutions seeking visiting appointments and/or scholars for short term visits, lectures, etc.

Publish on the Web papers, reports, course outlines, syllabi, curricula and other materials developed in conjunction with the Center's activities


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