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Christine Armstrong, Associate Professor of French at Denison University, received a speaker grant to bring Farid Boudjellal to Denison and Kenyon College in spring 2005.  Boudjellal is a nationally recognized French comic book writer.  Read the report of his visit. Also, visit the Denison site with more information on Boudjellal and his visit.

Jan Boney, Associate Professor of French at Cornell College, received a mini-grant to develop learning objects (small, reusable websites) to present elements of Francophone culture from Louisiana in her course Francophone Cultures of North America. For example, a two-hour activity beginning with a cultural element such as a song. In follow-up activities, students can read lyrics, view photographs, hear recorded interviews, visit web sites, write, or discuss what they are learning in French with one another.  The learning objects will integrate photographs, music, maps, timelines of historical events, and short clips of spoken French and Creole. [report forthcoming]

Glenda Carl, Associate Professor of French and Latin at Southwestern University, received a mini-grant to collect digital images from Québec City, Canada for inclusion in The REALIA Project, a digitized media database that provides instructors of modern languages with teaching resources accessible via the web.

Dana Kress, Professor of French at Centenary College of Louisiana, received a mini-grant to create a website with glossed Francophone poetry so that undergraduate students can more easily comprehend the material.  Visit this site with poetry of France, Canada, Belgium, Louisiana and Africa here: Also visit the Centenary College Press Heritage Language Project.

Andrei Maximenko, Assistant Professor of International Studies at Centre College, received a mini-grant  to develop a comparative case study focusing on the role of civic organizations in addressing environmental issues relating to nuclear energy production in France and the United States. The case study can be used as part of or as a supplement to courses in comparative government, international relations, French government and politics, and environmental studies.  Read the full report.

Tinaz Pavri, Associate Professor of Political Science at Spelman College, received a mini-grant to conduct a comparative study of France and India in regard to laws banning the overt display of religious symbols in places of public service such as schools.  Her project examined the implications thereof, for public policy and the future of multi-religious societies.  The Global Partners grant assisted in conducting field research for the France case during the summer of 2005.  Read the full report.



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