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Global Partners France Regional Alliance
Curriculum, Resource and Program Development Mini-Grants

The Global Partners France Regional Alliance is pleased to offer mini-grants for development of teaching materials and resources related to France and the Francophone world. Grants will range from $1500 to $2000.

Grants will be awarded for the development of resources, teaching materials, learning objects and curricular enhancements that can be shared with other Global Partners campuses. Proposals from any discipline are welcome. Projects that involve students and/or that can be used across two disciplines are particularly encouraged. Applicants should submit a proposal that includes the information detailed below. Projects should be completed during 2005 and be available to other institutions thereafter.

Proposals should explain how the project will be integrated into the curriculum and the mechanism for assessment. The Global Partners Project is a collaborative effort among 42 institutions and it is important for applicants to state how the results of their projects can be shared across campuses. Ideally, materials developed should be accompanied by a brief guide to assist colleagues who would like to adapt them for their own courses.

SPECIAL NOTE: Proposals that link currently existing study abroad programs particularly in France, Belgium, Canada or Senegal are also encouraged. This might involve sharing programs, resources, logistical arrangements, marketing, on-site directors, etc. Innovative and creative arrangements that result in cost sharing or cost reduction are encouraged.

Proposals should include the following information -- clearly identified by these headings, as applicable:

  1. Background: Rationale for overall project
  2. Description: Describe the overall project. If Global Partners funding is only for a portion of the project, explain which portion is to be completed with Global Partners funding
  3. Funding Request: Amount requested and how funds will be used
  4. Timeline: Deliverables/milestones for funded part of project
  5. Technology: Technical requirements for the project (if applicable)
  6. Other Support: Institutional and/or outside support for project (if applicable)
  7. Learning Outcomes: How the project will enhance teaching/learning
  8. Curriculum: How the project will be integrated into the curriculum
  9. Assessment: How the project will be evaluated (Note that grant recipients may be contacted by the France Regional Alliance Task Force for follow-up assessment.)
  10. Dissemination: How the project will be shared with Global Partners colleagues

Selections will be refereed by the Global Partners France Regional Alliance Task Force.

Submission Requirements:

All proposals should be sent electronically (email attachment is best). Applicants should include complete contact information: name, institution, department, phone, fax and email. Please send this as either a Word document (preferred), an HTML document, or plain text (ASCII). Direct inquiries and requests for further information to More information on the Global Partners Regional Alliances may be found at:

Proposals are considered on a rolling basis, but projects must be completed and reports submitted by December 31, 2005.

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